Local Talents

Connect with our country’s local talents who has working experiences in this industry.

“We share the same dream to make our local animation society a better working industry for our nation. Here we share our experiences to let you know better.”


“ 我们也有共同的梦想,就是为我们国家的动画界再出一分力而启发更多更好的动画奇才。

  • About UNDO

    UNDO is a training school that caters to both new comers to this industry and to professional artist who seeks to further enhance  their skills. We aim to inspire and open the opportunity to those who dreams of making a break in this industry.
    About UNDO.
  • UNDO Mentors

    It is vital to know who will be guiding you and what they are capable of doing. Look into our mentor profiles to know them better and what are their previous experiences are.
    Meet our UNDO Mentors here.